This website is about groups of 3 or more people who carry out terrorist attacks against gang stalkers and their property.

Until December 12, 2015, the date of creation of this website, there were no such attacks. But it’s foreseeable that this will happen in the near future, because there are already reports of groups who attack electric installations, although we don’t know what they are doing it for. Electricity is the backbone of the perp system.

Many targeted individuals will become disappointed in organizations like FFCHS after 20 years of fruitless activism. They will conclude that non-violent action doesn’t work when the government is the perpetrator.

Note, however, that there are also types of useful activism.

There will also be terrorists who realize that if they want to perpetrate their attacks, then first they will have to deal with gang stalkers.

So in my opinion, the next generation of terrorists will first disable the electricity, making the perps virtually blind and deaf, and then they will carry out their attacks.

Problems with oil production, the economy and population explosion will make it hard to continue these stalking activities. This will create an ideal climate for terrorist attacks against gang stalkers.