About Wikipedia

Wikipedia explicitly is not designed to provide correct information about a subject, but rather only present the majority weight of viewpoints.

Wikipedia is not scientific. It’s not coherent. For example, on one page they wrote that Jesus is a historical person. On another page they wrote that Jesus has never existed.

Wikipedia is not neutral. It’s based on what people say on TV, or write in a magazine. That’s not a good reference.

Wikipedia won’t publish a dissenting opinion. For example, they won’t allow that you write about drone attacks on a list of terrorist incidents. They will rather terminate that article.

Wikipedia deletes all articles that are related to gang stalking.

Some facts about Wikipedia

The article about Sylvester Stallone doesn’t mention that his first name is Michael.

The article about Days of our lives doesn’t mention Jason Brooks and Mark Valley.

PDF file icon Days of our lives (283.1 K, 15 pages).

PDF file icon Jason Brooks (38.7 K, 2 pages).

PDF file icon Mark Valley (77.0 K, 4 pages).

When Pope Benedict XVI was elected, the Wikipedia editors made a page for him, with a photograph of the villain from Star Wars.

Wikipedia has a lengthy entry on Jesus H. Christ. Wikipedia calls it often humorous, joking and comedic. They refuse to admit that it’s an anti-Christian mockery.

Wikipedia uses unflattering photographs for homosexual persons.

More than thousand pages include the word nigger, many in the page title.

Google result for Barack Obama

Wikipedia denies global warming, water fluoridation and peak oil.

Wikipedia editors alter the use of the terms he or she in articles regarding cross-dressing / transsexual figures. Men attempting to pass as females are called she while women attempting to pass as men are called he. This usage is absolutely incorrect in both scientific and legal senses.

When NBA Basketball player Jason Collins announced that he was a homosexual, his Wikipedia biography was altered to say that he was a faggot. When an editor attempted to change the word to gay Wikipedia’s anti-vandalism robot changed it back.

There are many complaints of falsified biographies. In 2005 the Wikipedia editors attacked prominent journalist John Seigenthaler for requesting that they remove from his biography that he was involved in the assassination of JFK.

Wikipedia falsely reported that the prime minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, was a pedophile who had served time in prison.

Wikipedia page for Jens Stoltenberg

Wikipedia’s article on dinosaurs contains no mention of the strong evidence that they existed alongside humans.

Wikipedia’s main article on communism doesn’t mention any act of genocide in communist countries. Any attempts to edit the page to include this information are deleted. (They butchered 50 million people.)

Professor Paul Duguid (Ph. D. which?) looked up the 17th-century English writer Daniel Defoe. He found eight substantial errors in the first paragraph alone, including Defoe’s date of birth, date of death, the town where he was born, his father’s occupation, the reason he changed his name, and the explanation for his rise to notoriety. He wrote: “My corrections were undone by people who clearly had little idea what they were talking about almost as quickly as they were made by me.”

Wikipedia page for Bill Gates


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