Gang stalking in Europe

Gang stalking, mobbing and bullying are variations of the same destructive behavior. They differ only in the number of perpetrators and the number of victims.

bullying 1 perp 1 victim
mobbing many perps 1 victim
gang stalking many perps many victims

This is a strategy which can lead to success, because people have no doubt about the existence of mobbing and bullying.


Mobbing is multi-bullying because there are multiple perpetrators. A mobbed person is the victim of one group, and this group harasses only this person.

Gang stalking is multi-mobbing because there are multiple victims. The same group harasses multiple persons who may or may not know each other. Typically an entire family will receive the harassment. They may as well harass members of an extremist party, people who are critical of a religious sect, people who are blacklisted from employment in a particular sector, and people who have been placed on a watch list (subversive people, potentially dangerous people).

Most activists claim that gang stalking is more sophisticated, that it can only be done by a multitude of government agencies. I experienced all types of abuse, all my life (48 years). Believe me: gang stalking, mobbing and bullying are equally sophisticated. The seriousness of mobbing and bullying is very much underestimated.

Stages of harassment

The seriousness of child abuse and mother with Munchausen syndrome is very much underestimated.

Abuse of pensioners and handicapped people in institutions may be as well a variation of the harassment.

Victims of gang stalking frequently face accusations of mental illness, just like victims of mobbing, child abuse, mother with Munchausen syndrome and pensioner abuse.


The Mafia is behind the harassment.

Mafia Venn diagram

The Mafia will often pose as a neighborhood watch group.

Stages of neighborhood watch corruption


Judges instigate much of the harassment by trashing the targets’ most basic rights. This encourages the stalkers to provoke as many conflicts as possible, in the hopes that these conflicts will have to be settled in court. These courts will insist on proof of the highest quality when a target wants to sue a perp. On the other hand, proof of the lowest quality will suffice for a perp who wants to sue a target.

If a target claims that he sent a letter to a perp, then they will require that he sent the letter by registered mail, and that he can show the return receipt. If a perp claims that he sent a letter to a target, then it will suffice that the address was correct, and that the letter didn’t return.

If a target accuses a perp then he will need two independent witnesses who want to confirm his story. If a perp accuses a target then it will suffice that anonymous “children” followed the target to his house.

They have such a repertoire of simple tricks to trash the target’s rights.

They will invariably try to invert the burden of proof.

For example, they will insist that the target has to prove that he didn’t receive the letter even if the law says that the burden of proof is on the sender.

They will write in an official statement that anonymous “children” followed the target to his house and that “this is true and proven until the proof of the contrary.” Now the target is supposed to deliver proof of his innocence.

Needless to say that the official channels like court, media and politics have to be avoided.

Also on this website

The main part of this website is the encyclopedia of gang stalking. This is the only gang stalking website with a systematic approach: I try to say something about every aspect of gang stalking. Everything is ordered hierarchically. You can easily find what you’re interested in. You can easily skip the rest.

I spend much attention to movies about mind control because filmmakers have been more successful in spreading the word than targeted individuals. The movies that have been made about this subject are much better than the websites and the YouTube videos. Specifically, the movie The terminal man (1974) was intended as a warning against the dangers of electronic mind control.

Many targets have tried to get justice in a courtroom. There have been 150 court cases in Germany alone. All these court cases are treated as “frivolous.” Please read the court cases on this website before you go to the court. Learn from their mistakes. One target, a businessman from the UK, prepared his court case for 4 years and lost £500,000. Save yourself the trouble and save your money.

Several targets have attacked stalkers as well as innocent people in an attempt to get attention to their problem or even a bit humble revenge. Please read about the shootings on this website before you go berserk. Learn from their mistakes.

8 victims have proven that they have implants.

I predict that there will be terrorist attacks against gang stalkers.

I collected a few video fragments about gang stalking.

I collected a few radio shows about gang stalking.


I write shareware programs.

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Activism ideas

Start a Wi-Fi hotspot where people can access the internet for free. If they connect then they arrive on a page with a message about gang stalking. Then they can start to surf.

A few months ago I applied to be removed from the list of believers of the Catholic Church. When I receive the confirmation, I will publish it. The Catholic Church refuses to help targets.

Flag of stalking in the EU


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